AERO exhibition, Friedrichshafen 09.-12.04.2014

Dürr Technik will be presenting their revolutional tankless oxygen generator OXYFLY at the AERO exhibition in Friedrichshafen ...

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Aircraft Constant oxygen supply for non compressed air cabins


Continuous oxygen supply for non-pressurised cabins

Do you want to climb up to 18,000 ft like others and fly quicker with your non-pressurized cabin aircraft?
OXYFLY - the oxygen generator for aircrafts - makes this possible by providing you and your passengers with constant supply of oxygen.

With OXYFLY you will be able to:

  • Fly higher: without affecting your health and your vision
  • Increase speed: up to 20%
  • Save fuel: up to 20%
  • Achieve more comfort: no more headaches because of a lack of oxygen
  • Get less tired: start using the always available oxygen  below FL100
    when climbing and stay on longer, especially on night flights or when you take-off frequently
    (skydiving, flight training, etc. )
  • Better use the tailwind: choose your ideal altitude at any time, depending on the wind and weather conditions

Enjoy the benefits of the pressurized cabin aircraft. With OXYFLY you will have an easy, cost effective alternative.

But I am used to using oxygen bottles!

Bottles may be the low cost option for short distances.
But with OXYFLY you will have:

  • Continuous O2 supply: OXYFLY is an oxygen generator that automatically adjusts the oxygen flowrate depending on the altitude. OXYFLY serves you as long as your aircraft has power.
  • No waste of money for procurement, refill and maintenance of O2 bottles.
  • The liberty to fly where you want without the limitation of having aviation oxygen at the airport.
  • Pre-heated oxygen for increased user comfort.
  • Optimized O2 moisture.
  • No danger of chemical or high compressed oxygen in tanks.
  • Eliminate the hassle of oxgen management once and for all.
    No more purchasing, refilling, storing, calculating or even running out.
    Put your worries behind.


Oxyfly application fields

  • Cargo planes
  • Private passenger planes
  • Airplanes for skydiving
  • Motor vehicles in high altitude areas

OXYFLY accessory-set

  • OxyArm Cannula
  • OxySaver Cannula
  • Pulse oximeter
  • Flowmeter
  • Set of hoses including 28 V plug
Type Illustration Dimensions
Weight Max. current consumption
Other data


L x W x H
490 x 230 x 430 mm

19.3 x 9.1 x 16.9 in


22 kg

48 lb





15 A

  • Voltage 28V DC
  • Oxygen purity up to 95%
  • Specially designed
    to provide supplement-
    ary oxygen at high altitudes
  • Oxygen supply for up to
    6 people (depending on cannula type)


        24 A

Flight routing example: from San Francisco to Colorado Springs

Flight routing example: from San Fancisco (KSFO) to Colorado Springs (KCOS)


Altitude 12.000 ft
Distance 1089 NM - Estimated time en route 6 h

>>>  Maximum Range of Caravan 675 is 949 NM. A fuelstop is required


Altitude 18,000 ft
Distance 844 NM - Estimated time en route 4 h 40

>>>  Even using a 700l (22 cf) bottle at FL 180 with only
          2 persons on-board, you will have oxygen for maximum 3,2 hours.

Savings with OXYFLY

  • 245 NM >>> $625 (based on manufacturer's operational costs)

  • 1 h 20   >>> time is money!!


OXYFLY with 40 % reduced current consumption

We developed our oxygen generator OXYFLY by innovative technical improvement of less than 15 Amps. The flowrate of oxygen is still enough at 18.000 ft to provide 2 to 6 people, depending on the cannula. You get detailed information regarding further altitudes on the following diagram.